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2020/01/23 18:50

Liechtenstein Regulators Approve Ethereum-Based Real Estate Fund

The fund enables investors to gain exposure to a global real estate portfolio through a ERC-20 security token.

2019/07/04 17:00

IBM, Top Australian Banks to Pilot Blockchain for Retail Lease Bank Guarantees

The blockchain pilot will digitize the bank guarantee process in an effort to tackle fraud and improve efficiency.

2019/04/05 18:31

Barclays, RBS, R3 Cut Property Transaction Times in Blockchain Trial

Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, R3 and more say they've reduced property transaction times to "less than three weeks" using a distributed ledger.

2019/03/30 07:50

Canadian Municipality Set to Accept Bitcoin for Property Tax Payments

The Town of Innisfil, Ontario, will accept bitcoin for property tax payments from next month in a one-year trial project.

2019/02/21 18:00

Ohio Eyes Potential Blockchain Benefits in Real Estate Transactions

County auditors in the U.S. state of Ohio have launched a study of the improvements blockchain might bring to property transfers.

2018/11/27 23:00

Harbor Launches Tokenized Equity Purchases With Real Estate Offering

Security token startup Harbor is offering its first private placement, allowing investors to buy into a high-rise property.

2018/10/16 23:30

Australian State Eyes Blockchain Upgrade for Property Transactions

The New South Wales state government is trialing blockchain tech from ChromaWay as part of a bid to digitize property conveyance by next summer.

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