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2018/06/26 21:00

Privacy Is Vital to Crypto – And the Global Economy

Privacy is needed to enhance the "moneyness" of cryptocurrency. As it is, our entire global system of money has also seen its fungibility deteriorate.

2018/06/26 11:10

Secret Service Calls for 'Congressional Attention' on Privacy Cryptos

An official for the U.S. Secret Service has called on Congress to consider legislative action over privacy-enhancing cryptocurrencies.

2018/06/26 11:10

US Official Says 'Congressional Attention' Needed on Privacy Cryptos

U.S. Secret Service are looking at privacy-centered cryptocurrencies.

2018/06/21 01:00

Enigma Protocol to Integrate Smart Contracts Tech With Intel Systems

Smart contracts project Enigma will use Intel tech to help secure one of the first public blockchains utilizing privacy-preserving "secret contracts."

2018/06/19 12:51

One Mathematician's Mission to Boost Bitcoin's Privacy (And Soon)

Blockstream researcher Andrew Poelstra's efforts to create a more private bitcoin aren't about extremes, but about protecting the everyman.

2018/06/09 19:15

4 Projects Seeking to Solve Ethereum's Privacy Paradox

Ethereum uses transparency as part of its security but potential problems with data exposure are now being addressed.

2018/06/03 23:00

An Upcoming Cryptocurrency Is Trialling a Trio of Bitcoin Tech Advances

As grin inches toward launch, the team is incorporating three bold scalability and privacy technologies originally created for bitcoin.

2018/05/26 19:15

Startup Behind Zk-Starks Tech to Seek Cryptocurrencies as Customers

Lead scientists behind privacy tech zk-starks have started a business providing the solution to blockchains in exchange for tokens.

2018/05/25 15:35



2018/05/16 03:20

Blockchain Startup Enigma to Demo 'Secret Contracts' Privacy Tech

Enigma will conduct the first public demonstration of its "secret contracts" protocol, which revamps smart contracts to provide data privacy.

2018/05/13 03:00

Ex-JP Morgan Blockchain Lead Hints at Stealth Startup Vision

One of the most influential people in blockchain is close to unveiling her next move.

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