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2018/08/22 03:51

Bets Against Bitcoin's Price Are Nearing Record Highs

BTC/USD shorts on Bitfinex are nearing record highs, leaving many to wonder if a short squeeze will occur like it did when the prior mark was set.

2018/08/10 12:11

Bulls Get Relief as Bitcoin Price Beats $6.5K Resistance

Bitcoin's price rose above $6,500 today, offering some respite for the badly battered bulls.

2018/08/08 23:31

The Crypto Market Just Hit a Low for 2018

Cryptocurrency investors continue to turn risk averse as the total cryptocurrency market capitalization sinks to a new annual low.

2018/08/04 04:45

CoinMarketCap Says Data Glitch Boosted Its Crypto Price Numbers

A "price calculation error" on CoinMarketCap led the site to list inflated prices for several coins on the platform.

2018/08/03 20:00

Bitcoin Eyes Short-Term Bear Market After Two-Week Lows

Bitcoin has retraced 40 percent of the rally from the June low of $5,755, signaling a short-term bullish-to-bearish trend change.

2018/08/01 20:00

Bitcoin's Price Eyes Consolidation After 11% Decline

Bitcoin's price could trade in a narrow range in the next 24 hours, courtesy of oversold conditions reported by short duration technical charts.

2018/07/31 19:59

Bitcoin's Price Moves Below $8K as Bull Case Weakens

Bitcoin's price faces the risk of a deeper drop as an extended period of low volatility action has ended up making way for a downside move.

2018/07/22 20:00

Crypto Trading 101: Stochastic Oscillators and Price Momentum

A leading indicator, the stochastic oscillator can help inform traders of when to enter or exit a market – even in the volatile world of crypto.

2018/07/21 17:30

Crypto Trading 101: Bull and Bear Flags (And What They Mean for Price)

When it comes to making big money in trading, the trend is your friend. But spotting the trend early is challenging. That's where flags can help.

2018/07/12 05:45

Crypto Market Downturn Puts Drag on High-End GPU Prices

New research suggests that prices for high-end graphics cards – coveted by both cryptocurrency miners and gamers alike – are falling.

2018/06/14 06:15

Sell-Off Over? Bitcoin's RSI Just Hit Its Lowest Level Since 2016

An indicator meant to measure the rate at which an asset is being bought or sold may foretell a future bump for the price of bitcoin.

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