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2020/12/01 03:03

US Justice Department Extradites Alleged Co-Founder of Crypto Ponzi Scheme From Panama

The accused, Gutemberg Dos Santos, has been charged in an indictment and was extradited from Panama on Nov. 25.

2020/09/01 02:17

Federal Jury Indicts Three Accused of Posing as Pastors in Alleged $28M Ponzi Scheme

Besides facing criminal charges, the accused pseudo-pastors were charged by the CFTC and the SEC with allegedly soliciting over 1,000 people for a fake crypto fund.

2020/08/03 18:00

Inside a Crypto ‘Ponzi’: How the $6.5M Banana.Fund Fraud Unravelled

U.S. authorities are trying to return $6.5 million in bitcoin and tether to the victims of an alleged Ponzi scheme.

2020/02/15 06:59

CFTC Sues Alleged Crypto Ponzi Scammer for $500K Theft

The CFTC is charging Breonna Clark and Venture Capital Investments with defrauding investors by pretending to run a commodity pool invested in crypto and foreign currency contracts.

2019/12/11 05:27

US Arrests 3 in Alleged Crypto Mining Pool Fraud Scheme

U.S. authorities have arrested three members of BitClub Network, alleging the mining pool is a long-running Ponzi scheme.

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