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2021/01/02 07:16

海外の仮想通貨口座、保有額が1万ドル以上なら規制当局に報告を | 米財務省が規制変更案


2020/12/31 06:19

Democracy Demands a Say in the Future of Money

The U.S. Treasury’s decision to impose know-your-customer rules to private cryptocurrency wallets is flawed in more ways than one.

2020/03/25 11:23



2020/02/25 21:41

New Zealand Plans to Drop ‘Unfavorable’ Sales Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrencies

New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department is considering how best to change its tax regimen so cryptocurrencies aren't at a disadvantage.

2020/02/19 19:00

Policymakers Shouldn’t Fear Digital Money: So Far It’s Maintaining the Dollar’s Status

U.S. policymakers are worried that CBDCs and crypto will harm the dollar's reserve status. But maybe they have it backwards, writes CoinDesk columnist Nic Carter.

2020/02/19 15:06

仮想通貨業界は伝統的な金融業界より「人種的偏見が少ない」 コインベース調査【ニュース】

仮想通貨取引所コインベースは、米国で毎年2月に祝う「Black History Month(黒人歴史月間)」にちなんで、広告キャンペーンを打ち出した。匿名性の特徴などから、仮想通貨業界は伝統的な金融業界より「人種的偏見が少ない」としている。

2020/02/16 05:00

Governor: Colorado Startups Have Raised $50M in Venture Capital

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis joined CoinDesk at ETHDenver where he talked about the future of crypto regulation.

2020/02/14 21:00

Blockchain Bills Are Advancing in the New York State Senate – Here’s Why

Now in its second year, the New York State Senate's Internet and Tech Committee has approved two blockchain bills, which now go to the full Senate for a vote.

2020/02/07 21:20

Fearing ‘Currency Struggle,’ Japanese Politicians Want G-7 Response to China’s Digital Yuan

Some of Japan's lawmakers fears a digital yuan could create economic disruption if it replaces the U.S. dollar in international markets.

2019/12/13 21:30

‘New Risks’: Swiss Government Skeptical on Central Bank Digital Currency

A digital Swiss franc would do more harm than good and bring financial risks, according to the nation's government.

2019/03/01 18:00

Federal Reserve May Add Bitcoin Crash to Stress Test Scenarios

The U.S. Federal Reserve could soon include a bitcoin market crash as one of the risks to take into account when conducting stress tests.

2019/01/15 02:30

How the US Government Shutdown Is Halting Crypto Progress on Wall Street

A record-breaking government shutdown in the U.S. is pushing crypto policy decisions to the back burner.

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