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2021/08/23 15:22

Verasity (VRA)価格底打ちの可能性を示唆する3つの新展開


2020/12/06 09:00



2020/01/23 05:00

Why High-Profile Defections Aren’t Libra’s Biggest Challenge

Libra has lost another Association member, but according to @nlw that’s likely low on their worries list, plus Square’s LN efforts & TON’s SEC support.

2018/08/03 04:45

Sony Patent Filings Hint at Work on Crypto Mining Hardware

Japanese technology giant Sony wants to patent two approaches to hosting and maintaining blockchains, newly published documents show.

2018/06/21 11:00

Winklevoss Brothers Score Another Crypto Investment Patent

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, just won another crypto-related patent.

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