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2020/01/01 10:43

仮想通貨イーサリアム、ネットワークへの「攻撃が進行中」 開発企業パリティがノードのアップデート要請【ニュース】


2019/06/06 01:30

$1 Billion Valuation May Elude Ethereum Co-Founder’s New Blockchain Polkadot

Polkadot’s bid for unicorn status has hit a snag, with three Chinese funds buying into the token sale at valuations below $1 billion.

2019/05/17 22:00

Unpatched Ethereum Clients Pose 51% Attack Risk, Says Report

Ethereum clients that still haven't patched known vulnerabilities pose a security risk to the entire network, according to new research.

2019/01/25 21:45

Blockchain Project Polkadot Plans ICO to Raise Another $60 Million: Report

Blockchain project Polkadot is planning another ICO that would bring in $60 million, says the WSJ.

2019/01/16 08:08

Ethereum Clients Release New Software In Wake of Hard Fork Delay

Major ethereum clients are releasing new versions of their software to prevent the now-delayed Constantinople hard fork from triggering.

2019/01/12 20:00

Web 3.0’s Crypto Winter Mission: Keep Our Heads Above the Hype

Despite the gloomy narratives, 2018 was hugely productive for teams building the decentralized web, says Parity's Jutta Steiner.

2019/01/08 19:50

Ethereum Foundation Grants $5 Million to Parity Technologies

The Ethereum Foundation has awarded a grant of $5 million to Parity Technologies to support its work on ethereum 2.0.

2018/12/21 00:00

Ethereum Startup Parity Launches DIY Blockchain Tool Substrate

Parity Technologies has launched a beta version of Substrate, a tool that lets users create custom blockchains for decentralized applications.

2018/10/02 00:30

Ethereum Startup Parity Adds Casper Code to Custom Blockchain Toolbox

Parity Technologies has added an early version of ethereum's hotly anticipated Casper code change to its blockchain development platform, Substrate.

2018/07/19 22:00

Ethereum's Most Heated Tech Debate Is Proving It's Far From Over

A resurgence of debate surrounding fund recovery on the ethereum network shows the topic is still as divisive as ever.

2018/07/19 00:15

Ethereum Client Parity Drops Wallet Tech in Major Upgrade

Parity, the ethereum software client, has announced some major changes, including the stripping away of its graphical user interface (GUI).

2018/06/09 19:15

4 Projects Seeking to Solve Ethereum's Privacy Paradox

Ethereum uses transparency as part of its security but potential problems with data exposure are now being addressed.

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