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2022/11/16 18:10

破綻したFTXに約400億円投資の米暗号資産ファンド パラダイム代表「深く後悔している」


2022/04/06 14:28



2020/04/03 02:00

Makers of Keep Protocol Raise $7.7M to Bring Trustless BTC to DeFi

Thesis has closed a $7.7 million deal by selling its KEEP tokens to some of crypto’s top investors. Its TBTC project could get more bitcoin into DeFi.

2020/03/11 20:31

Paradigm Labs Shuts Down, Says It Was ‘Too Early’ for DeFi Boom

Paradigm said it found it difficult "carve a viable niche" the rapidly evolving DeFi space.

2019/04/05 01:05

Coinbase, Paradigm Invest $15 Million in Startup Behind Disappearing Blockchain

Made by the startup O(1) Labs, the lightweight Coda protocol is adding more big-name investors to its cap table.

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