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2018/08/14 06:15

EU Lawmaker Wants to Include ICOs in New Crowdfunding Rules

A draft proposal by the EP's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs suggests creating new regulations for public initial coin offerings (ICOs).

2018/08/13 11:00

Microsoft Looks to Trusted Computing for Blockchain Security Boost

The phrase "trusted execution environment" is identified in two Microsoft patent applications to be a key component in future blockchain projects.

2018/08/11 04:10

FinCEN Says It Now Receives 1,500 Crypto Complaints a Month

FinCEN receives more than 1,500 reports every month from financial institutions regarding cryptocurrencies, a top official said Thursday.

2018/08/10 22:55

Regulated Trader Templum Hosts Security Token Sale for Luxury Resort

Token trading platform Templum Markets has launched a sale of a token allowing accredited investors to buy shares in a popular Colorado resort. 

2018/08/10 10:30

Google Search Can Predict Bitcoin Price Increases, Study Finds

A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that cryptocurrency markets do not behave like traditional financial ones.

2018/08/09 23:25

Court Sides With Crypto Exchange Despite Allegation It Violated China Ban

A Chinese cryptocurrency trader who was sent bitcoin in error must repay an exchange even if it broke domestic rules, a Beijing court has ruled.

2018/08/09 18:30

GMO's Cryptocurrency Business Made $2.3 Million Profit in Q2

After a net loss reported in Q1, the Japanese IT giant says it made an 11 percent profit through its crypto business this last quarter.

2018/08/09 11:00

Intuit Scores Patent for Processing Bitcoin Payments With Text Messages

California-based business and financial software company Intuit has been awarded a patent for processing bitcoin payments via text message.

2018/08/08 15:00

Blockchain Startup Havven to Launch Stablecoin on EOS This Year

The EOS blockchain may soon see what appears to be the first stablecoin on its platform if a startup's plan comes to fruition.

2018/08/06 20:30

Researchers Build Blockchain Electricity Exchange They Say Cuts Waste

A team from one of the top universities in China has developed a decentralized exchange, not for crypto assets, but for unused electricity.

2018/08/03 23:10

NYSE Parent ICE's New Futures Contract Will Deliver Real Bitcoin

Intercontinental Exchange, owner of the New York Stock Exchange, says it plans to launch a digital assets platform and bitcoin futures product.

2018/08/03 22:30

Coinbase Launches Crypto Plugin for Popular E-Commerce Platform

Coinbase has announced a new service aimed at improving access to cryptocurrency payments for e-commerce businesses.

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