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2021/02/01 20:30

Kraken Exchange Brings Its Spot Price Data to DeFi Via New Chainlink Node

Kraken's connection to the Chainlink network allows the exchange to broadcast its price data for use in blockchain-based apps.

2020/06/10 23:11

Sequoia-Backed Band Protocol Creeps Onto Chainlink’s Turf With Oracle Product

Band Protocol 2.0 launched Wednesday with its mainnet oracle solution, BandChain, leveraging the Cosmos SDK from Tendermint Labs.

2020/05/01 14:22



2020/04/30 22:00

Tezos Becomes Latest Blockchain to Tap Chainlink for Oracle Services

Chainlink has integrated with yet another blockchain, this time Ethereum rival Tezos.

2020/04/24 17:43

Coinbase Launches Price Oracle Aimed to Reduce Systemic Risk in the DeFi Space

With around a billions dollars locked in decentralized finance projects, the new data feed for cryptocurrency prices is aimed to help keep those funds secure.

2020/02/25 23:00

Polkadot to Use Chainlink Oracles for Interoperability Network

Polkadot will be the first non-ethereum blockchain to integrate Chainlink.

2020/02/01 03:00

The Founders of Synthetix and Chainlink on DeFi, Derivatives and 25 New Decentralized Price Feeds

Yesterday Chainlink released price reference data for 25 of its decentralized oracle networks which, together, power more than $100m in DeFi.

2019/09/26 17:00

WATCH: How Blockchain Oracles Could Take Chainlink to New Highs

Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov says there's one big thing holding back corporate adoption of blockchain technology.

2019/02/18 00:30

ConsenSys-Backed Rhombus Reveals New Products for Ethereum Developers

Connecting blockchain with real-world data, Consensys-backed ethereum startup Rhombus announces exclusive new tools for developers at hackathon ETHDenver.

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