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2021/02/04 05:22

China Leads Africa’s Digital Currency Race

With years of public investment and plenty of penetration for its phone makers, China is well placed to establish a digital currency in Africa.

2021/02/03 03:50

A Big Year for Decentralized Identity and Infrastructure

The World Economic Forum's head of blockchain highlights four trends to look out for in the year ahead.

2021/02/03 01:49

Why Crypto Markets Aren’t ‘All-to-All’ Either (and How They Can Be)

GameStop-Robinhood revealed inequalities in the retail equity trading system. Can crypto markets do better? They must.

2021/02/02 03:25

Robinhood Can’t Democratize Finance Using Old Tools

Robinhood saw the ire of traders last week because it promised to be different. It turned out to be fancy app on top of an antiquated system.

2021/01/30 06:34

The GameStop Stop Is Not a Technology Problem

Robinhood didn't halt GameStop trading to punish retail players. It reacted to market risk. And, no, blockchain wouldn't have fixed this.

2021/01/04 00:00

This Is What Global Open-Source Money Seems Like

Some insist bitcoin simply can't be money because it has no basis in the material world. But the argument owes more to semantics than reality.

2021/01/03 22:00

The Rise of Layer 2s Spells End for Altcoins

Bitcoin is no longer limited to a single chain, meaning altcoins like ether are trending towards irrelevancy, says the neuroscientist and DeFi entrepreneur.

2021/01/03 01:00

More Aussies Back Bitcoin, the Underdog

Aussie resilience (and bitcoin) binds us together during times of fear, uncertainty and doubt, says the head of a local exchange.

2021/01/03 00:00

Why Impact Investing and Crypto Are Mutually Beneficial

Two of the fastest growing alternative investment classes – ESG and crypto – are mutually beneficial, says the CEO of Fasset.

2021/01/02 01:00

Stablecoins, ‘Unsung Heroes and Other Institutional Crypto Takeaways

Vision Hill's Dan Zuller runs through his 10 takeaways from institutional crypto investing, and looks ahead.

2021/01/01 22:00

Lessons in Failing to Apply Blockchain and AI to Combat COVID

Blockchain tech is well suited to manage aspects of the fight against the coronavirus. Why hasn't it been used more?

2021/01/01 02:00

Crypto Dollars and CBDCs: The Battle to Come

The future of money will be a tussle between algorithmic and fiat-pegged stablecoins and central bank digital currency experiments.

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