タグ: #OMG Network の検索結果

2021/02/04 06:35

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Cracks $37.2K as Ether Breaks Through to Record-High $1.6K

Bitcoin has been trending higher for two days but ether is in the spotlight now.

2021/02/03 06:36

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Rises to $35.8K, Ether Hits New High and DeFi Crosses $28B Locked

The last time bitcoin’s closing price was under $30,000 was Jan. 1, according to CoinDesk 20 data.

2021/02/02 06:46

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Trading Tepidly at $33.7K While SushiSwap Eats Raw Market Share

The investor spotlight is now shining on DeFi tokens and trading.

2020/12/04 19:37

OMG Rallies as Genesis Block Ventures Acquires OMG Network

OMG helps speed transactions and lower fees on the Ethereum by handling transactions off-chain,

2020/12/04 16:44

仮想通貨OTC企業のジェネシスブロック、OMGネットワークを買収 | DeFi分野に注力


2020/12/04 06:42

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Lingers Around $19.4K While ETH/BTC Pairing Hits Bull Mode

Bitcoin’s price is in a tight range Thursday while some investors are moving into ether.

2020/11/21 06:25

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits $18.8K as Total Crypto Locked in DeFi Passes $14B

Bitcoin is testing $19,000 as DeFi hits another milestone in total crypto locked.

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