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2019/10/04 04:30

Ohio Treasurer Suspends Predecessor’s Bitcoin Tax Payment Service

A website launched last year by the U.S. state of Ohio allowing businesses to pay a range of taxes with bitcoin has been taken offline.

2019/02/21 18:00

Ohio Eyes Potential Blockchain Benefits in Real Estate Transactions

County auditors in the U.S. state of Ohio have launched a study of the improvements blockchain might bring to property transfers.

2019/01/04 02:00

Overstock Will Pay Some of Its 2019 Taxes in Bitcoin plans to be the first major business to pay state taxes using bitcoin in Ohio.

2018/12/03 22:20

Ohio Accelerators to Pump Over $100 Million into Blockchain Startups

Two startup accelerators in the U.S. state of Ohio are reportedly to invest more than $100 million into blockchain firms, and more may follow.

2018/11/26 19:15

Ohio Becomes First US State to Allow Taxes to Be Paid in Bitcoin

Ohio has become the first U.S. state to allow taxes to be paid in bitcoin.

2018/08/24 22:15

Ohio Lawmakers Pitch Their State As a Future Hub for Blockchain

Lawmakers in the U.S. state of Ohio say they are interested in blockchain – but they're still figuring out how to put that enthusiasm into action.

2018/08/07 18:30

Ohio Becomes Latest US State to Legally Recognize Blockchain Data

The U.S. state of Ohio has joined Arizona in legally recognizing data stored and transacted on blockchain.

2018/05/22 15:00

Ohio Could Become Next US State to Legally Recognize Blockchain Data

A bill proposed by an Ohio Senator would let the state legally recognize blockchain records and smart contracts.

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