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2018/08/15 17:00

Prime Trust Enters Crypto Custody Race, Will Hold 'Any' Ethereum Token

Prime Trust, a Nevada trust company, says it can handle custody for bitcoin, ether and any token issued on ethereum under the ERC-20 standard.

2018/08/01 22:00

Northern Trust Is Helping Hedge Funds Invest in Cryptocurrencies

U.S.-based custody bank Northern Trust is helping traditional "mainstream" hedge funds expand into cryptocurrencies, says Forbes.

2018/06/07 05:30

Northern Trust Wins Patent for Storing Meeting Minutes on a Blockchain

Northern Trust Corporation has been granted a patent for a system to create immutable records of meetings on a blockchain.

2018/05/18 23:02

Santander Conducts Proxy Voting Blockchain Pilot at AGM

Banco Santander has completed a blockchain pilot that it says improves the process of proxy voting during annual general meetings.

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