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2020/09/23 01:46

Blockchain Bites: OCC’s Stablecoin Guidance, EU’s Digital Euro Plans, Chamath’s Bitcoin

The OCC published guidance allowing U.S. banks to work with stablecoin issuers. Meanwhile, the ECB thinks the term stablecoin can be "misleading."

2020/09/22 00:25

Blockchain Bites: DeFi’s Dividend, China’s ‘New Battlefield,’ the Big Banks’ ‘Suspicious Activity’

China sees its digital yuan as a "new battlefield," DeFi's Curve has a new dividend program and a yet-to-launch platform is pursuing an "Initial DEX Offering."

2020/09/04 01:21

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin’s Steep Sell-Off, Pornhub’s Crypto Payments, Twitter’s Latest Hack

Pornhub will accept BTC and LTC payments, a nonprofit wants Coinbase to be more transparent and credit default swaps are coming to the Ethereum blockchain.

2020/09/03 01:26

Blockchain Bites: How SushiSwap Drove Uniswap to DeFi’s Top Spot

A South Korean crypto exchange has been raided by police, Bitcoin's Lightning Network hit a new high and mining revenues are climbing.

2020/09/02 01:04

Blockchain Bites: Patoshi’s Patterns, Canaan’s Losses, DeFi’s ‘Weird’ Moment

Decentralized exchange volumes climb for a third straight month, Tezos settled a class action and Coinbase added a16z and DoorDash executives to its board.

2020/09/01 01:19

Blockchain Bites: Ethereum Classic Attacked, Electrum Wallet Drained and Taxable Microtasks

Signature Bank gave out dozens more PPP loans to crypto firms than previously known, Ethereum Classic has suffered another 51% attack and a digital yuan wallet went live and disappeared.

2020/08/25 01:16

Blockchain Bites: Aave’s Advance, BitMEX’s Block, Turkey’s Bitcoin Trot

Turkey is in a bitcoin bull run, a Fed branch is studying blockchains to possibly support a "digital dollar" and Aave unleashed unsecured borrowing on DeFi.

2020/08/05 01:05

Blockchain Bites: XRP Sales, INX IPO and Bitcoin Mining Woes

China's bitcoin miners are in a rut during a period of intense flooding, Ripple shows signs of sales growth and INX scaled down its IPO vision.

2020/08/04 05:33

Blockchain Bites: Hedge Fund Down, Banana Bets and the Twitter Hack Fallout

Another crypto hedge fund has called it quits, the teenage Twitter hacker reportedly had millions in bitcoin and Huobi sees DeFi as its next venture.

2020/08/01 01:39

Blockchain Bites: Dollar’s Decline, Ether’s Moneymakers and Coinbase’s Considerations

Coinbase is considering adding 19 new assets, the SEC tapped CipherTrace for its Binance-specific tracing tools and 132% of Ether wallets are in profit.

2020/07/03 02:16

Blockchain Bites: BlockFi’s Revenue, DEX Volume and a Wallet Bug

A federal appeals court effectively said blockchain data is not protected under the Fourth Amendment while decentralized exchange volume explodes.

2020/07/02 01:05

Blockchain Bites: DeFi and DEXs Surge, Bitcoin’s Negligible Adjustment and an ICO Class Action

DeFi's agricultural revolution, Bitcoin's negligible adjustment and the novel legal strategy bringing an ICO project to court.

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