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2020/10/23 04:51

PayPal’s Move Is Good for Crypto Adoption but Not So Much for Profits: Morgan Stanley

There may be more upside for crypto than for PayPal's earnings, researchers wrote.

2019/12/05 11:29



2018/11/28 15:59

Goldman, Morgan Stanley Go Live With CLS’ IBM-Powered Blockchain

CLS, the bank-owned currency trading utility, and IBM have gone live with their blockchain-based payment netting service after more than two years in development.

2018/11/01 11:05

Morgan Stanley Report Says Crypto Now An Institutional Asset Class

Cryptocurrencies are now a new institutional investment class, rather than a fully developed electronic cash, a Morgan Stanley report says.

2018/08/02 10:18



2018/08/02 07:15

Bitcoin Dips Below $7,500 аs Crypto Markets See Second Day of Losses

Crypto markets have seen their second day of losses, with Bitcoin dipping below $7,500 and virtually all major cryptocurrencies in the red

2018/08/02 07:00



2018/08/02 03:26

Morgan Stanley Hires Credit Suisse Crypto Expert as Head of Digital Asset Markets

Multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley has hired a self-described crypto trading expert and 12-year veteran of Credit Suisse as its new head of digital asset markets

2018/05/14 21:26

米Kxシステムズ、FX取引プラットフォームが仮想通貨に対応 顧客には大手銀行も


2018/04/20 13:46

半導体大手TSMCが業績予想を下方修正 マイニング需要の不透明感から

半導体製造大手のTSMCは、マイニング需要の先行きに不透明感があるとして、18年の売上高予想を従来の「10~15増」から10%増に修正した。 #ニュース

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