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2019/05/02 18:00

Central Banks Settle Cross-Border Payments With Blockchain for First Time

The central banks of Canada and Singapore have for the first time settled cross-border payments using blockchain and central bank digital currencies.

2018/08/28 04:05

Singapore Taps Blockchain Platform for Selling Tokenized Securities

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the national exchange are looking to blockchain for selling tokenized digital assets.

2018/05/24 21:00

Singapore Warns 8 Exchanges Over Unregistered Securities Trading

Singapore's central bank has warned eight digital token exchanges and an ICO issuer to stop trading tokens deemed unauthorized securities.

2018/05/23 17:15

Singapore Proposes Regulatory Boost for Decentralized Exchanges

Singapore's central bank is proposing a change to existing exchange market rules aimed to ease blockchain adoption and decentralization.

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