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2021/01/01 00:20

Bitcoin Mining Machine Maker Ebang to Launch Crypto Exchange in 2021; Shares Rise

Bitcoin mining equipment maker Ebang announced Thursday it is preparing to officially launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the first quarter of 2021.

2020/11/30 18:55

Ethereum Classic Activates Thanos Upgrade, Increasing Access for GPU Miners

The Thanos upgrade is aimed to allow more miner participation and thus increase security.

2020/11/20 14:46

仮想通貨ビットコイン、半減期以降で価格が2倍以上に | BTCの流動性にも変化


2020/11/04 16:38



2020/07/03 04:14

Bitcoin Miners Saw 23% Revenue Drop in June

Bitcoin mining revenue dropped 23% in June to approximately $380 million.

2020/06/04 02:39

Miners Are Selling More of Their Bitcoin. That May Actually Be Bullish

The conventional wisdom could be challenged because miners mainly operate on cash, meaning they need to liquidate their holdings almost daily to fund the cost of mining.

2020/06/02 07:35

Chinese Chip Maker With a Hand in Crypto Mining Plans $2.8B IPO

Hong Kong-listed SMIC plans to raise $2.8 billion via an initial public offering on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, in hopes of advancing its chip making practices. The company is working with Canaan Creative to build a new crypto miner.

2020/02/15 05:30

For Crypto Miners, Bitcoin’s Halving Could Mean a Doubling in Costs

To the operators of high-speed computers used to mine for bitcoin, the halving looks more like a doubling — of costs.

2019/09/04 02:30

Human-Trafficking Expert Urges US Congress to Regulate Crypto Miners

A former U.S. Treasury official urged Congress to regulate cryptocurrency miners in order to fight human trafficking.

2019/05/10 16:15

All of It Dark, All of It P2P: After the Binance Hack, Bitcoin Doesn’t Cut It

That Binance could have colluded with miners to roll back hack transactions means bitcoin is not resistant enough to censorship, says Amir Taaki.

2019/02/18 22:40

Bitmain Announces New, More Efficient 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

Bitmain Technologies has announced a new 7nm bitcoin mining processor that it says offers a big boost in energy efficiency.

2019/02/15 17:15

How SABRE Tech Can Stop Hackers From Splitting Bitcoin Into Two

Hackers could attack bitcoin with a flood of data, but researchers say they have a solution in the form of a relay network called SABRE.

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