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2019/04/04 02:05

This New Lightning App Aims to Make Getting Paid in Bitcoin Easier

A new service has launched to make it easier for people to accept money on bitcoin's lightning payments network.

2019/03/26 07:00

A Bitcoin Lightning Web Standard, Inspired By Ethereum, Is Gaining Steam

Sending bitcoin lightning payments over the web might soon get easier. That’s because a new bitcoin standard for simplifying lightning payments, the open-source WebLN standard, is gaining traction, now being used by Lightning Joule and Bluewallet, two of the more popular lightning wallets, as well as apps like Lightning Spin, to slim down the number […]

2019/03/19 00:00

A Lightning API for Bitcoin Futures Data Has Launched

An experimental service that allows users to pay for futures data from exchanges Kraken and BitMEX via the lightning network is now live.

2019/03/13 17:00

It’s Getting Harder to Send Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch – Here’s Why

An experiment pushing the boundaries of crypto payments, bitcoin's Lightning Torch is suffering liquidity issues due to its success.

2019/02/27 18:53

HTCのブロックチェーンスマホ「エクソダス」 ウェブブラウザのOperaなど複数のDappsを追加


2019/02/19 01:00

You Can Now Send Bitcoin Tips Over Lightning on Twitter

When "liking" your favorite tweet isn't enough, you can now send small bitcoin tips via the lightning network.

2019/02/05 17:25

Bitcoin’s ‘Lightning Torch’ Has Blazed Through 37 Countries So Far

The bitcoin community is currently immersed in an experiment called the “lightning torch," and it's reached 37 countries so far.

2019/02/01 22:00

SatoshiPay Integrates Blockchain Payments for Major European Publisher

Micropayments startup SatoshiPay has partnered with Europe's largest digital publisher to integrate blockchain payments for content.

2018/11/23 17:30

Lightning-Powered Blog Sees 20,000 Bitcoin Micropayments in 7 Months

The Lightning Network is already powering a real blogging platform with bitcoin micropayments.

2018/10/21 18:20

Sorry, I Turned Off My Bitcoin Faucet (Because Money)

At its height, 99Bitcoins' faucet was making nearly $2,000 a month, even after giving away coins. Then things got complicated.

2018/08/20 21:59

Bitcoin's Lightning Network Is Getting Its Own Hacker Camp

Chaincode is launching a new "residency" in New York that will focus on helping developers build their own Lightning Network apps

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