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2020/06/10 22:00

Hacker Noon Raises $1M From Former Ripple CTO’s Firm for Content Micro-Tipping

Tech site Hacker Noon is adding micropayments following an integration with Coil that runs on the Interledger protocol.

2019/08/15 22:00

Ripple to Give Away 1 Billion XRP in Massive Bid to Fund Online Content

Ripple is making a major investment in Coil, a media platform that pays content creators XRP.

2019/06/27 10:06



2019/06/02 20:30

Can Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Power Payments in a Japanese Bar?

A bar in Japan is teaming up with a locally-based lightning startup to let customers pay using the experimental payments network.

2019/05/14 11:00

Proposal’s Merger Paves Way for New Bitcoin Lightning Features

A routing proposal is expected to be merged today into the official "specifications" of the lightning network, paving the way for new features.

2019/05/06 04:19

Bitcoin’s Lightning Comes to Apple Smartwatches With New App

A new app for the Apple Watch has been launched by bitcoin startup Bluewallet, which connects users to the nascent lightning network.

2019/05/02 02:00

Ex-Ripple CTO Launches Blogging Platform to Pay Content Creators XRP

The Coil blogging platform offers tipping via XRP and future plans to work with a variety of assets.

2019/04/06 04:00

Startup Behind Ethereum DEX Releases Lightning Developer Tools

Radar Relay, a decentralized exchange for trading tokens over ethereum, is branching out into bitcoin lightning technology.

2019/04/06 02:10

Bitrefill’s ‘Thor Turbo’ Lets You Get Started With Bitcoin’s Lightning Faster

Bitcoin startup Bitrefill is launching a new service aimed at helping onboard users of the lightning network more quickly.

2019/04/05 21:00

10 Passes to Go: Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch Will Soon Burn Out

The globe-trotting bitcoin payments experiment is nearing its end, having attracted participants like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

2019/04/04 02:05

This New Lightning App Aims to Make Getting Paid in Bitcoin Easier

A new service has launched to make it easier for people to accept money on bitcoin's lightning payments network.

2019/03/26 07:00

A Bitcoin Lightning Web Standard, Inspired By Ethereum, Is Gaining Steam

Sending bitcoin lightning payments over the web might soon get easier. That’s because a new bitcoin standard for simplifying lightning payments, the open-source WebLN standard, is gaining traction, now being used by Lightning Joule and Bluewallet, two of the more popular lightning wallets, as well as apps like Lightning Spin, to slim down the number […]

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