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2020/06/10 22:00

Hacker Noon Raises $1M From Former Ripple CTO’s Firm for Content Micro-Tipping

Tech site Hacker Noon is adding micropayments following an integration with Coil that runs on the Interledger protocol.

2019/08/15 22:00

Ripple to Give Away 1 Billion XRP in Massive Bid to Fund Online Content

Ripple is making a major investment in Coil, a media platform that pays content creators XRP.

2019/06/27 10:06



2019/06/02 20:30

Can Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Power Payments in a Japanese Bar?

A bar in Japan is teaming up with a locally-based lightning startup to let customers pay using the experimental payments network.

2019/05/14 11:00

Proposal’s Merger Paves Way for New Bitcoin Lightning Features

A routing proposal is expected to be merged today into the official "specifications" of the lightning network, paving the way for new features.

2019/05/06 04:19

Bitcoin’s Lightning Comes to Apple Smartwatches With New App

A new app for the Apple Watch has been launched by bitcoin startup Bluewallet, which connects users to the nascent lightning network.

2019/05/02 02:00

Ex-Ripple CTO Launches Blogging Platform to Pay Content Creators XRP

The Coil blogging platform offers tipping via XRP and future plans to work with a variety of assets.

2019/04/06 04:00

Startup Behind Ethereum DEX Releases Lightning Developer Tools

Radar Relay, a decentralized exchange for trading tokens over ethereum, is branching out into bitcoin lightning technology.

2019/04/06 02:10

Bitrefill’s ‘Thor Turbo’ Lets You Get Started With Bitcoin’s Lightning Faster

Bitcoin startup Bitrefill is launching a new service aimed at helping onboard users of the lightning network more quickly.

2019/04/05 21:00

10 Passes to Go: Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch Will Soon Burn Out

The globe-trotting bitcoin payments experiment is nearing its end, having attracted participants like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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