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2021/03/25 14:07

マーシャル諸島でのデジタル通貨導入 「金融安定にリスクをもたらす」=IMFエコノミストが指摘


2020/03/03 23:03

Algorand Blockchain Chosen as Underlying Tech for Marshall Islands’ Digital Currency

Algorand was selected following "extensive market research among the leading protocol options."

2019/09/04 17:00

Why the Marshall Islands Is Issuing Its Own Cryptocurrency

The Marshall Islands is moving ahead with a plan to issue a sovereign currency built on blockchain, writes Minister David Paul.

2019/06/06 18:30

Marshall Islands Sets Up Non-Profit to Oversee National Digital Currency

The Marshall Islands has set up a not-for-profit organization to oversee the Pacific nation's digital legal tender, the SOV.

2019/01/30 00:03

Swiss Startup to Produce ‘Banknotes’ for Marshall Islands’ Official Cryptocurrency

Swiss crypto wallet maker Tangem says the Marshall Islands has selected it to produce physical "notes" for its planned national digital currency.

2018/09/11 18:30

IMF Advises Against Crypto as Legal Tender in Marshall Islands Report

The IMF says the Republic of the Marshall Islands should reconsider introducing a cryptocurrency as a second legal tender over perceived risks.

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