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2018/06/10 16:48

仮想通貨市場の急落の要因は? CFTC?コインレール?それとも…


2018/06/09 07:11



2018/06/08 19:41

Which Way? Bitcoin's Low Volatility May Force Big Move

Bitcoin could be in for a big move as the daily trading range tightens, but will the bulls or the bears gain the upper hand?

2018/06/08 15:49



2018/06/07 13:00

Where's EOS? Rival Groups Now Competing to Launch Official Blockchain

There are now two EOS blockchains being tested by rival groups. And while that might be worrisome, the groups say they'll work together in the end.

2018/06/06 23:30

VanEck, SolidX Join Forces in New Bid to Launch Bitcoin ETF

VanEck and SolidX have teamed up to list a bitcoin exchange-traded fund, despite regulatory obstacles that stymied prior attempts.

2018/06/06 23:15

Binance Coin Hits Record High Against Bitcoin

Binance coin, the token launched by the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has hit an all-time high against bitcoin.

2018/06/06 03:09



2018/06/03 13:37

先週の仮想通貨市場、時価総額が250億ドル増加 イーサリアムは600ドル越え


2018/06/01 23:15

Up 24%: Bytecoin Only Gainer In Bad Month for Big Cryptos

While most top-25 cryptocurrencies took a hit last month, lesser-known cryptocurrency bytecoin scored decent gains.

2018/06/01 19:00

This Long-Term Indicator Could Complicate Bitcoin's Price Recovery

A long-term moving average has turned bearish for the first time in four years, threatening to impede continued gains in bitcoin's price.

2018/06/01 15:00

Huobi Is Launching a Cryptocurrency Exchange-Traded Fund

The Huobi exchange announced on Friday that it is launching a cryptocurrency-related exchange-traded fund.

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