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2019/05/15 15:55

ブラジル銀行大手、R3コルダ採用の貿易金融ネットワーク「マルコポーロ」に参加 ラテンアメリカ初

ブラジルの銀行「ブランコ・ブラデスコ(Banco Bradesco)」が、分散型台帳技術を基盤にした貿易金融ネットワークの「マルコポーロ」ネットワークへの参加を発表した。

2019/04/25 19:00

Top 3 Japanese Bank to Roll Out Services on Marco Polo Blockchain

Sumitomo, Japan’s third-largest bank by total assets, will launch blockchain-based trade finance services in the second half of this year.

2019/03/28 18:01

Marco Polo Blockchain Built on R3’s Corda Sees First Live Trades

The first real transactions have been conducted on Marco Polo, a trade finance blockchain built on R3's Corda platform.

2018/07/17 19:41

Banks Take Sides as Blockchain Trade Finance Race Heats Up

NatWest, part of Royal Bank of Scotland, has joined Marco Polo, a blockchain consortium started by R3 and trade finance specialist TradeIX.

2018/05/25 21:00

Bangkok Bank Joins R3's Trade Finance Blockchain Initiative

Bangkok Bank has joined the Marco Polo trade finance initiative developed by blockchain startup R3 and trade finance technology firm TradeIX.

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