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2019/04/05 21:00

10 Passes to Go: Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch Will Soon Burn Out

The globe-trotting bitcoin payments experiment is nearing its end, having attracted participants like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

2019/03/21 03:00

‘I’m Freaking Out’: How It Feels to Hold the Bitcoin Lightning Torch

How does it feel to hold the famous bitcoin lightning torch? Diana Aguilar explains.

2019/03/13 17:00

It’s Getting Harder to Send Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch – Here’s Why

An experiment pushing the boundaries of crypto payments, bitcoin's Lightning Torch is suffering liquidity issues due to its success.

2019/03/05 00:30

Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch Enters Iran as Payment Experiment Blazes On

Bitcoin's lightning torch has made it to Iran – a milestone participants feel shows the payment network's censorship resistance.

2019/02/28 00:00

LinkedIn Founder, Fidelity Latest to Carry Bitcoin’s ‘Lightning Torch’

The latest big names to join the bitcoin payments experiment are financial giant Fidelity Investments and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

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