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2021/02/03 00:50

OKEx Exchange to Integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network for Faster, Cheaper Transactions

High on-chain fees and transaction times for bitcoin can be off-putting to users, the exchange said.

2021/01/22 16:10


ビットコイン(BTC)とそのブロックチェーンネットワークは、セカンドレイヤーのソリューションを必要とせずに、価値の保存手段としてメインストリーム化できるだろうか? ジェネシスマイニング(Genesis Mining)のマイニングオペレーション責任者であるフィル・ソルター氏は、セカンドレイヤーソリューションの重要性を指摘している。

2021/01/20 16:52



2020/12/26 10:53


世界最大の仮想通貨取引所の1つであるバイナンスは、ビットコイン(BTC)預金のため、Segregated Witness(SegWit)を組み込んだ。

2020/11/03 01:01

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Is Getting a Marketplace for Payment Channel Liquidity

Lightning Labs new service, Pool, provides a marketplace for Lightning Network businesses and users to lease payment channel liquidity.

2020/08/05 03:47

‘Rat Poison Squared on Steroids’: What’s New in Bitcoin’s Latest Lightning Release

With a sly poke at Warren Buffet's comment that Bitcoin is "rat poison squared," c-lightning developers' latest release adds some key new Lightning features.

2020/07/15 13:57



2020/07/02 01:10

Cryptography Startup Brings Private Payment Channels to Tezos Blockchain

Cryptography firm Bolt Labs has launched a private payment solution, zkChannels, on Tezos.

2020/06/14 23:30

Bootstrapping Mobile Mesh Networks With Bitcoin Lightning

Richard Myers says the future of ad-hoc mesh networks for SMS messages and bitcoin transactions on your smartphone is here, but it needs the Lightning Network to succeed.

2020/06/12 17:01

Why This Dev Built a ‘Centralized Ethereum’ on Top of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Ethereum showed the limits of decentralization, says the creator of an explicitly centralized version that pays contracts via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

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