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2020/11/03 01:01

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Is Getting a Marketplace for Payment Channel Liquidity

Lightning Labs new service, Pool, provides a marketplace for Lightning Network businesses and users to lease payment channel liquidity.

2020/02/24 22:00

How to Protect Bitcoin for Your Heirs With the Push of a ‘Dead Man’s Button’

What happens to your bitcoin after you die? Lightning developers think a "dead man's button" could be a new tool to passing your crypto to your heirs.

2020/02/06 11:17



2019/09/27 17:00

Lightning Sucks, But It Could Help Build a Bitcoin Economy

At least a dozen startups are now betting on the profitability of bitcoin birthing a "Lightning Economy." Is it too soon?

2019/07/28 10:00



2019/04/24 03:16

Lightning Labs Launches Desktop App on Bitcoin Mainnet

Lightning Labs has put out an alpha release for its lightning desktop app for bitcoin's mainnet.

2019/03/21 13:35

Lightning Labs Releases ‘Loop’ Feature for Bitcoin Payments Channels

California startup Lightning Labs released today a new feature to improve usability of the bitcoin payment channel network, lightning.

2019/02/28 14:02

Bitcoin Lightning Tech Expands Beyond Invoices in Step Toward Better UX

New tech by a principal developer could soon make it possible for bitcoin's lightning network to expand to new use cases.

2019/02/12 07:45

Square CEO Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin’s Lightning Is Coming to Cash App

Lightning Network projects are booming, thanks in part to the buzz surrounding bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey.

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