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2018/06/07 22:45

Japan Blasts Crypto Exchange Execs in First-Ever License Rejection

Japan's financial regulator has formally issued its first denial to a business registration application filed by cryptocurrency exchange FSHO.

2018/06/07 05:30

Northern Trust Wins Patent for Storing Meeting Minutes on a Blockchain

Northern Trust Corporation has been granted a patent for a system to create immutable records of meetings on a blockchain.

2018/06/07 01:16

CFTC Denies FOIA Request for Bitfinex and Tether Subpoenas

The top U.S. futures regulator has denied a FOIA request related to cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and the closely-linked 'stablecoin' operator Tether.

2018/05/31 18:00

Stock Trading App Removes Crypto Price Tracking After Debut

A new service for tracking cryptocurrency prices on a popular stock trading app has become unavailable, possibly due to regulatory rumblings.

2018/05/31 15:03

Hong Kong Official Rules Out Plan for Central Bank Digital Currency

Hong Kong's de facto central bank has no plan to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC), a government official said on Wednesday.

2018/05/25 18:00

Alabama Securities Watchdog Hits 3 ICOs with Cease-and-Desists

The U.S. state of Alabama has issued cease-and-desist orders to three ICOs that were allegedly soliciting residents with unregistered securities.

2018/05/25 07:01

ShipChain Pushes Back Against Securities Violations Claims

In a statement, ShipChain said it did not violate securities laws or offer its token for sale in South Carolina.

2018/05/24 19:00

US Department of Justice, CFTC Probe Crypto Market Manipulation: Report

The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly investigating cryptocurrency traders who may have manipulated the markets using old-school tricks.

2018/05/23 19:30

China Prosecutes 98 Over Alleged $2 Billion OneCoin Pyramid Scheme

China has prosecuted nearly 100 individuals said to be involved with locally operating the OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme.

2018/05/23 06:07

South Carolina Sanctions Startup Over Unregistered Token Sales

South Carolina securities regulators have ordered ShipChain to cease selling its tokens within the state.

2018/05/23 03:00

India's Supreme Court to Hold Crypto Lawsuit Hearing in July

The Supreme Court of India has decided to hear crypto-related cases with respect to the news from RBI stopping banks from dealing with cryptos.

2018/05/22 23:54

CFTC Issues Guidance for Firms Offering Cryptocurrency Derivatives

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has released new guidance for companies issuing cryptocurrency derivatives products.

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