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2019/09/24 18:00

For Desperate Mt Gox Victims, Long-Shot Bitcoin Deal Beats Endless Wait

Some Mt. Gox creditors have signed on to a law firm’s unorthodox proposal to recover their bitcoin, but many are skeptical about its motives. 

2019/09/13 06:45

$2 Billion Lost in Mt. Gox Bitcoin Hack Can Be Recovered, Lawyer Claims

A Russian law firm says it can help Mt Gox creditors recover up to $2 billion worth of bitcoins stolen in the 2014 hack.

2019/09/12 08:00

Bitwise Taps BNY Mellon as Transfer Agent for Proposed Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise has tapped Bank of New York Mellon to act as the administrator and transfer agent for its proposed bitcoin ETF.

2019/09/09 22:00

Netki Retools Digital ID Service for FATF’s New Crypto ‘Travel Rule’

Nekti has upgraded its digital ID service to help crypto firms meet the FATF's tough new standards for combating money laundering. 

2019/09/06 17:00

The State of Security Token Regulations in Asia

Some Asian countries have gone a long way toward shoring up their rules and regulations around cryptocurrencies and security tokens.

2019/09/02 22:25

Craig Wright Aims to Challenge Court Decision That Cost Half His Bitcoins

The entrepreneur has cited Hurricane Dorian as the reason he needs more time to challenge a recent court order.

2019/08/30 11:00

UN Official: Crypto Makes Policing Child Trafficking ‘Exceptionally Difficult’

Cryptocurrencies provide a "new layer of secrecy that favors the criminals," said a top-ranking staffer of the UN's Office on Drugs and Crime.

2019/08/30 01:31

SEC Settles Charges With Crypto Token Issuers Accused of Fraud

The SEC settled charges with two individuals accused of selling unregistered securities with the Bitqy and BitqyM token sales.

2019/08/28 17:00

Political Group Launches ‘ICO’ to Support US House Candidate

BitPAC is conducting a "politicoin" ICO as part of its efforts to support candidates like North Carolina's Dan Bishop.

2019/08/27 06:34

Judge Recommends Ruling in Favor of Kleiman in Craig Wright Case

A magistrate judge has recommended that Craig Wright turn over 50% of his bitcoin and intellectual property from before 2014 to Ira Kleiman.

2019/08/21 23:00

SEC Approves Blockchain Tech Startup Securitize to Record Stock Transfers

Token issuance tech provider Securitize has registered as a transfer agent with the SEC, a move it says will boost blockchain adoption.

2019/08/15 05:55

New IRS Warning Letters Target Crypto Investors Who Misreported Trades

The IRS is sending another round of warning letters to crypto users, this time to taxpayers who it thinks misreported income on exchange transactions.

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