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2018/08/08 23:00

Tezos ICO Class Action Looms After Motion to Dismiss Denied

A motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit against Tezos' $232 million ICO was denied on Tuesday by a U.S. judge.

2018/07/13 22:00

US Judge Delays Crypto Fraud Ruling Pending CFTC Response

A judge in New York has postponed a decision on a crypto fraud lawsuit until the CFTC can explain how it calculated damages.

2018/07/11 00:35

SEC Settles Trader Lawsuit Tied to Blockchain Firm Stock Sales

Two Nevada men have settled with the SEC over alleged illicit trading of a claimed blockchain company's stock.

2018/06/21 00:31

The SEC Just Froze One ICO's Accounts for a Second Time

The SEC is once more taking action against a co-founder of the PlexCoin ICO project, having already sued him over securities violations and fraud.

2018/06/14 21:05

Crypto Tycoon May Sue Over 30,000 Bitcoin Debt 'Defamation'

Li Xiaolai, a noted Chinese bitcoin investor, has said he may take legal action against another Chinese entrepreneur over claims about a bitcoin fund.

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