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2020/09/30 04:54

Kadena Looks to Capture DeFi Energy With New Decentralized Exchange

Kadenaswap, the hybrid blockchain protocol's coming DEX, will begin a rollout later this year.

2020/06/26 03:27

Kadena Launches Blockchain App to Verify COVID-19 Tests

Hybrid blockchain maker Kadena wants to verify COVID-19 testing kits by recording their provenance on its network.

2020/03/12 02:46

New York Crypto Companies Move to ‘Work From Home’ in Face of Rising COVID-19 Threat

The New York metropolitan area’s surging coronavirus count is forcing more of the region’s cryptocurrency and blockchain companies to act decisively.

2020/01/16 12:34



2019/12/06 18:00

Kadena Blockchain Taps Healthcare Data Firm to Track Medical Cannabis Product

The first application on Kadena's public blockchain is a tracking platform for CBD oil.

2019/06/06 22:00

Kadena Releases Updated Smart Contract Language for ‘Hybrid Blockchains’

The enterprise blockchain startup has updated its Pact programming language to allow smart contract execution between private and public networks.

2019/05/14 04:00

Kadena to Go Live In October with $3 Billion Asset Manager Onboard

Multi-million dollar enterprise blockchain startup Kadena announced today it would be launching its own public blockchain network in October.

2019/03/23 00:35

Road to Consensus with Kadena’s Will Martino: Who Needs Private Blockchain?


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