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2019/09/16 21:00

Deutsche Bank Joins JPMorgan’s Crypto Payments Network

JPMorgan's blockchain-based interbank payments initiative, IIN, has added Deutsche Bank as its latest member, bringing the total to 320 banks.

2019/06/29 00:00

JPMorgan CEO Dimon Says Crypto Companies ‘Want to Eat Our Lunch’

Dimon believes blockchain is real and is wary of the competition it brings.

2019/04/11 07:00

Christine Lagarde Pits Circle Against JPMorgan in IMF Debate

Decentralized systems are coming for the banks, argued Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, in a panel Wednesday at the International Monetary Fund.

2019/03/07 06:45

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse on JPM Coin: Other Banks Won’t Use It

Ripple's CEO gave JPMorgan qualified praise for developing its own cryptocurrency before dismissing the product's usefulness.

2019/02/27 07:45

Jamie Dimon: JPM Coin Could ‘One Day’ See Consumer Use

JPMorgan's CEO has suggested that consumers could eventually use its U.S. dollar-linked token.

2019/02/19 00:00

Will Crypto Torch Jamie Dimon?

The $156 in bitcoin being passed via the "Lighting Torch" is a bigger deal than trillions in JPM Coins would be, writes Michael J. Casey.

2019/02/15 07:45

‘Already Live’: Signature Bank Is Moving Millions on a JPMorgan-Like Private, Dollar-Backed Cryptocurrency

While crypto-land is abuzz about JPMorgan’s plan to move dollars via blockchain, a smaller New York bank is already doing this.

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