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2020/06/15 12:20

JPMorgan Analysts: Bitcoin Is Likely to Survive (as a Speculative Asset)

Bitcoin proved itself a resilient asset, if not a stable or useful currency, during March's global market meltdown, JPMorgan analysts told investors.

2020/03/11 01:30

Libra Wanted a Currency, All We Need Are DeFi’s Open Payment Rails

Rather than build an alternative currency like Libra, Facebook should concentrate on building new infrastructure, like the open systems in the ethereum-DeFi space, says ConsenSys's Lex Sokolin.

2019/03/23 00:35

Road to Consensus with Kadena’s Will Martino: Who Needs Private Blockchain?


2019/03/09 19:40

JP Morgan’s Stablecoin: A Feat of Engineering or Marketing?

Upon first examination, JPM coin is an exciting Wall Street development, but the reality is more complicated, writes Kadena's Ben Jessel.

2019/02/15 07:45

‘Already Live’: Signature Bank Is Moving Millions on a JPMorgan-Like Private, Dollar-Backed Cryptocurrency

While crypto-land is abuzz about JPMorgan’s plan to move dollars via blockchain, a smaller New York bank is already doing this.

2019/01/28 18:00

Cryptos Would Only Have Value in ‘Dystopian’ Economy: JPMorgan

JPMorgan Chase has said that cryptocurrencies would only have value when confidence in traditional assets had been lost.

2019/01/25 09:04

JPモルガン ビットコイン1260ドルを予想 | 「仮想通貨の本当の価値はまだ証明されていない」と指摘


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2018/05/21 10:48

元JPモルガンAmber Baldet「銀行は人々が考えるよりも早く暗号通貨を扱い始めるだろう」

米大手銀行JPモルガンでブロックチェーン部門を率いていたAmber Baldet氏はCNBCのインタビューで「銀行は人々が考えるよりも早く暗号通貨を扱い始めるだろう」と話した。 つい最近米大手金融機関ゴールドマンサックスが、ビットコイントレーディングデスクの開始を発表している。 ビジネスで最も影響力のある若者のFortune’s 40 Under 40に掲載されたこともあるBaldet [...]

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