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「ビットコインは金の代替物であり、ドルの代わりにはならない」 FRB議長が見解明らかに


2020/09/03 04:00

Let Them Eat Equities! The Economic Chickens Come Home to Roost, Feat. Luke Gromen

One of the best-known macro analysts breaks down last week’s Jerome Powell speech and whether it truly represents a new policy era for the Federal Reserve.

2020/06/11 03:35

Fed Officials See Anemic Inflation Despite Trillion-Dollar Money Injections

Federal Reserve officials see U.S. inflation as likely to stay below 2% over the next three years, based on a new summary of economic predictions released Wednesday by the central bank.

2020/03/04 01:33

Bitcoin Drops 2% Following Fed’s First Emergency Rate Cut Since 2008

Bitcoin prices slid Tuesday after the U.S. Federal Reserve announced an emergency cut in interest rates to counteract risks to the economy from the spreading coronavirus.

2020/03/03 05:27

Bitcoin Rebounds as Coronavirus-Infected Stocks Get Jolt From Fed, BOJ

Bitcoin jumped the most in two weeks Monday, surging alongside U.S. stocks amid speculation that the Federal Reserve and other central banks will support markets as the coronavirus spreads.

2019/11/20 21:16

Fed Reserve Evaluating Digital Dollar But Benefits Still Unclear, Says Chairman

Jerome Powell has said his institution is looking into the possibility of developing a digital currency, but the option throws up many policy questions and unclear benefits.

2019/10/03 08:08

US Congressmen Ask Fed to Consider Developing ‘National Digital Currency’

We are concerned that the primacy of the U.S. Dollar could be in long-term jeopardy from wide adoption of digital fiat currencies.

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