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2020/02/29 04:04

Coronavirus Is Changing How Crypto Markets Are Trading

Cryptocurrency traders are contending with volatile markets due to the coronavirus).

2019/07/02 23:28

CloudFlare Outage Takes Down Coinbase, CoinMarketCap and Other Top Crypto Websites

The outage hit multiple major exchanges and information sites.

2019/05/13 22:01

PAX Streamlines Redemptions in Battle for Stablecoin Market Share

Paxos is doubling down on a traditional approach to crypto custody and enabling instant stablecoin redemptions.

2019/03/27 09:57

仮想通貨取引高の水増し問題に対処 メサーリ、バイナンスやコインベース ビットフライヤーなど取引所の世界選抜で取引高算定


2018/06/14 22:00

ItBit Exchange Adds 4 New Cryptos for Investors

ItBit says it has received approval in New York state to expand its trading and custody services to include four more cryptocurrencies.

2018/06/14 12:42

米取引所のイットビット、新たに4つの仮想通貨の取り扱い開始 ニューヨーク州当局が承認


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