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2020/06/03 06:00

Iranian Lawmaker Says Bitcoin Should Be Central Bank’s Turf

An Iranian lawmaker wants his country’s central bank to take bitcoin seriously.

2020/05/05 15:07



2020/02/29 06:00

Yemen’s Civil War Shows the Dangers of Crypto

The ongoing civil war in Yemen highlights the contradictions underlying bitcoin adoption.

2020/02/27 17:38



2020/02/15 01:00

Bitcoin News Roundup for Feb. 14, 2020

With bitcoin holding above $10,000, we're joined by CoinDesk senior reporter Leigh Cuen to discuss developments and implications in the case alleged against Larry Dean Harmon.

2020/01/04 03:05

Bitcoin Jumps 5%, Gaining With Gold, After US Kills Top Iranian Official

Bitcoin jumped the most in two weeks after a U.S. drone strike killed a top Iranian military commander, fueling speculation that heightened geopolitical turmoil might spur demand for the cryptocurrency in 2020.

2019/12/20 07:18

イラン大統領「イスラム仮想通貨」の発行を提唱 米国の経済制裁に対抗訴える【ニュース】


2019/11/22 02:50

Global Protests Reveal Bitcoin’s Limitations

Protesters across the globe are testing out bitcoin and other decentralized technologies – then promptly discovering their limitations.

2019/11/18 12:44



2019/09/28 02:00

Iranian Bitcoiners Risk Fines, Jail Time as Government Regulates Mining

As mining regulations loom, Iranian bitcoiners are stuck in compliance purgatory – facing fines and even jail.

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