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2022/09/22 07:54

ソシエテジェネラルがカストディサービスを開始 仮想通貨ファンドマネージャー向け


2021/09/19 10:00


オーストラリアの仮想通貨取引所であるBTC Marketsは、同社のプラットフォームを利用する高齢者の顧客が昨年度に大幅に増加したことを確認した。

2021/03/09 12:30



2021/01/30 07:14

Aave’s Founder Angel Invests to Grow DeFi’s Head Start on the Banks

Stani Kulechov has backed nearly 40 projects in his search for founders who see two or three moves ahead.

2020/10/10 04:00

Cathie Wood: Secrets of the World’s Best Innovation Investor

Cathie Wood bet early on Bitcoin and Tesla, and her ARK Innovation Fund is up 75% in 2020.

2020/10/02 03:59

10 Popular Investing Beliefs We Should Be Questioning

NLW dives into a viral twitter thread asking people which financial conventional wisdom they disagree with.

2020/06/16 23:57

If Crypto Is Anything Like Fixed-Income, It’s Going to Need a Fatter Textbook

Expect digital assets investing to mirror fixed income investing and become more specialized and complex over time, says our columnist.

2020/02/21 19:52

New Settlement Layer to Offer Asian Crypto Institutions Local Alternative to Silvergate Bank

The new settlement layer is intended save Asian institutional traders from taking the "scenic route" via U.S. banking regulations.

2020/02/01 04:05

Seychelles’ Stock Exchange Will List Ethereum Tokens Representing Supercars

MERJ, the only licensed stock exchange in the Seychelles, plans to list ethereum tokens representing shares in supercars issued by CurioInvest, starting with a $1.1 million Ferrari.

2020/01/31 05:30

Nomura Launching Benchmark for Japan’s Crypto Assets

Pegged to Japan's cryptocurrency market, Nomura's benchmark will be available to domestic and overseas institutional investors and crypto exchanges, among others.

2019/10/21 17:06

機関投資家の参入はビットコインにとってマイナス面も 米仮想通貨運用会社CSOが諭す【ニュース】


2019/05/14 21:00

Emberfund Turns Your Phone Into a Crypto Hedge Fund

Emberfund is a new mobile app that lets anyone buy into an index of cryptocurrencies that automatically balances itself over time.

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