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2021/02/04 01:08

Miami Mayor Previews ‘Favorable’ Crypto Policy

In an interview with CoinDesk, Francis X. Suarez explains how he plans to attract the crypto industry to Florida.

2020/06/05 07:30

Bitcoin Is a Way to Repair Economic Injustice: Author Isaiah Jackson

There are no easy technological solutions to racial tensions, police brutality or economic insecurity. Still, bitcoin could help black Americans, says author Isaiah Jackson.

2020/06/02 10:45



2020/03/07 05:00

FluffyPony on Encryption, Clearview and How Coronavirus Could Impact Privacy

The former lead maintainer of Monero and co-founder of Tari speaks about the state of global privacy

2020/02/22 23:00

‘Pandora’s Box, but for Freedom’: Author Isaiah Jackson on Bitcoin’s Impact

Leigh Cuen is joined by author Isaiah Jackson to talk about financial discrimination and the value bitcoin can offer minority communities.

2020/02/08 05:00

Kraken’s Dan Held on What’s Different About Bitcoin at $10K This Time

As bitcoin inches towards $10,000, @nlw is joined by Kraken’s Dan Held to discuss how the narrative, infrastructure and audience have changed since this price last year.

2018/11/15 13:30


9月28日に指針氏がTwitterで公言した、カルダノの運営母体の1つである「EMURGO」の代表・児玉健氏へのインタビューが実現! 児玉氏は、2015年に、IOHKのチャールズ・ホスキンソン氏とともにカルダノプロジェクトを立ち上げた後、2017年にエマーゴを創業した、異例の経歴の持ち主です。カルダノプロジェクトの中心人物の一人である児玉氏に、カルダノ(CARDANO)とエイダ(ADA)について、全部聞いてみました。

2018/08/01 17:00

The SEC's Hester Peirce Isn't a Bitcoin Champion, Just a Regulatory Realist

Regulators like the SEC shouldn't be acting as gatekeepers to new technologies like bitcoin, according to Commissioner Hester Peirce.

2018/04/14 20:10

米著名投資家 ティム・ドレイパー氏インタビュー 政府の規制、仮想通貨の未来を語る

米著名投資家 ティム・ドレイパー氏にコインテレグラフがインタビュー、ドレイパー氏は仮想通貨の未来、政府の規制の在り方について語ってくれた #インタビュー

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