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2019/09/24 21:00

Crypto-Powered IoT Networks Are on Their Way to Over 250 US Cities

Crypto-mining modems that Helium uses to connect IoT devices to the internet will soon be shipping across the U.S.

2019/09/18 23:27

Germany Passes National Policy to Explore Blockchain But Limit Stablecoins

Germany's cabinet has passed a national strategy for exploring blockchain tech, while limiting the threat of stablecoins like Facebook's Libra.

2019/07/12 14:59

世界の輸送管理システム市場、ブロックチェーンが成長促進剤に | 2025年までに20兆円規模に拡大


2019/06/13 01:00

Napster Founder’s IoT Startup to Go Crypto With $15 Million Series C

Helium, an internet-of-things startup founded in 2013, is adding crypto tokens to its business model with the backing of two major funders.

2019/06/04 05:30

The Startup Behind Ethereum’s Infamous DAO Has Been Acquired steps into the internet of things with the with the acquisition of

2019/05/30 15:44



2019/05/28 11:36



2019/05/19 11:00



2019/05/14 19:05

The Elk Is a Tiny Prototyping Board for Building Blockchain-Connected Devices

Elk aims to make it easy to connect hardware devices to blockchains and control electronic components or accept payments.

2019/05/11 18:05

Moving Beyond ‘The Blockchain Is the App’

Blockchains are useless on their own. For decentralized computing to work, they must intersect with other solutions. writes Intel's Mic Bowman.

2019/05/07 15:40

スターバックス、マイクロソフトのブロックチェーンサービスを導入へ  コーヒー豆の追跡など


2019/05/06 22:00

Foam Turns to Token Grants to Build Out Decentralized Mapping Platform

Following a $16.5 million token sale, geolocation startup Foam may have found a token-curated registry model that works.

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