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2020/10/21 02:18

Kik, SEC Propose $5M Settlement Over $100M ICO, Ending Yearlong Battle

Kik will pay $5 million in penalties as part of a proposed settlement with the SEC, which sued the messaging app last year.

2020/09/01 19:28

Tezos Investors Win $25M Settlement in Court Case Over $230M ICO

A U.S. lawsuit that alleged the Tezos ICO was an unregistered securities sale has been settled for $25 million.

2020/07/01 03:24

The Novel Legal Strategy Bringing This ICO-Backed ‘Micro-Mobility’ Startup to Court

Lawyers have filed suit in a "highly unusual" case against flamboyant Italian e-scooter entrepreneur Salvator Palella, over a troubled ICO back in 2018.

2020/06/03 18:44

French Renewable Energy Provider Wins Regulator’s Approval for €10M Token Sale

Renewables provider WPO has been granted an "ICO visa" from the French financial markets regulator.

2020/05/29 04:44

BitClave Search Engine Agrees to Pay Back $25M ICO in Settlement With SEC

BitClave will pay back over $25 million in a settlement with the SEC stemming from a 2017 token sale.

2020/02/20 02:09

ICO Project Enigma Settles SEC Charges Over $45M Token Sale

The SEC settled charges with Engima MPC alleging it raised $45 million in an unregistered securities sale with its 2017 ICO. Engima will refund investors and pay a penalty.

2020/02/19 22:00

Korean ICO Project Shuts Down, Says ‘Negative Perceptions’ of Crypto Made Business Impossible

Contents Protocol will refund approximately $7.5 million-worth of ether back to investors.

2020/02/18 23:02

Hester Peirce: Tell Me How to Improve My Safe Harbor Proposal

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has proposed a new way to regulate token sales. If there are better alternatives, she wants to hear about them.

2020/01/22 19:52

SEC Charges Blockchain Marketplace Opporty Over ‘Fraudulent’ $600,000 ICO

The firm is alleged to have conducted a fraudulent and unregistered sale of digital assets called OPP Tokens, raising around $600,000.

2020/01/16 19:30

Liquid Exchange Cancels Sale of Telegram’s Gram Tokens

With the SEC lawsuit holding up the launch of Telegram's TON network, the Japan-based exchange has cancelled its sale of gram tokens and refunded investors.

2019/10/01 07:54

EOS Maker Block.One Settles With SEC Over Unregistered Securities Sale

Block.One will pay $24 million after settling charges that it operated an unregistered securities sale with its $4.1 billion EOS raise.

2019/08/21 06:30

SEC Settles With ICO Service Over Undisclosed Payments for Reviews

ICORating agreed to pay $106,998 in interest and a civil penalty of $162,000 without commenting on the SEC's findings.

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