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2019/12/18 19:34

HTC to Increase Focus on Blockchain Phones, AI After New Staff Cuts

The Taiwanese tech firm said the downsize will allow it to retain an edge in an increasingly competitive space.

2019/11/12 19:00

HTC Will Support Binance Chain With Special Edition Smartphone

HTC's special edition EXODUS blockchain smartphone will allow users to directly access Binance's decentralized exchange and token.

2019/09/16 18:30

HTC’s Blockchain Phone Now Supports Bitcoin Cash

Native support for bitcoin cash is coming to HTC's blockchain phone via a partnership with

2019/05/12 04:00

HTC Says Its Next Smartphone Will Run a Full Bitcoin Node

HTC plans to release a low-cost smartphone capable of running a full bitcoin node by the end of Q3.

2019/04/30 23:15

HTC Plans to Launch Another Blockchain Phone This Year, Exec Says

Electronics giant HTC is planning to launch a second-generation EXODUS blockchain phone by the end of 2019.

2019/04/18 00:00

New $50 Million Venture Fund Eyes Global Blockchain Adoption

A group of investors has launched a new blockchain-focused VC fund worth $50 million, aiming to bring the technology to the masses.

2019/02/26 16:59

You Can Now Buy HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone Without Paying Crypto

Mobile device maker HTC now sells its blockchain phone for U.S. dollars in addition to cryptocurrency.

2019/02/21 05:50

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 Will Include Private Crypto Key Storage

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature a secure storage system to hold private crypto keys.

2018/07/31 02:16

HTC Says Its Crypto-Friendly Smartphone Will Support Litecoin

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee revealed Monday he will serve as an advisor to HTC's Exodus, the blockchain-powered smartphone.

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