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2021/03/27 15:06

ノンファンジブルトークンは証券になるか? NFT持分を細分化した場合には注意必要=米SECのピアース委員


2020/07/01 03:24

The Novel Legal Strategy Bringing This ICO-Backed ‘Micro-Mobility’ Startup to Court

Lawyers have filed suit in a "highly unusual" case against flamboyant Italian e-scooter entrepreneur Salvator Palella, over a troubled ICO back in 2018.

2019/10/30 03:45

SEC Blasts Kik’s ‘Void for Vagueness’ Defense of 2017 ICO

Kik wants to depose top SEC officials, and expose that they were making it up as they went. But the SEC is having none of it.

2019/06/24 00:30

Howey Schmowey – The Real Answer is to Update Securities Regulations

The SEC should focus more on fraud prevention than if an asset is a security, as fraud can be committed with securities too, argues David Weisberger.

2019/04/04 14:03

SEC、 仮想通貨が証券に該当するか確認できる支援ガイダンスを公表


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