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2019/05/30 12:05



2019/02/23 15:00

”ホットウォレット”と”コールドウォレット”に関してよくある誤解 仮想通貨取引所コインベースCEOが解説


2019/01/31 02:00

The Next Big Ethereum Conference Will Run Almost Entirely on Blockchains

Everything from applications to attend ETHDenver to the processes for submitting, judging and voting on projects will be supported in some way through blockchain platforms.

2018/11/21 21:00

The Crypto Insurance Market May Total $6 Billion. That’s Nowhere Near Enough

There is less than $5 billion of global capacity to insure crypto wallets held in custody. Coinbase has secured a significant chunk of that.

2018/10/18 01:16

F2Pool Founder's Crypto Wallet Startup Raises $13 Million in New Funding

Cobo, the crypto wallet created by F2Pool's founder, has raised $13 million from NEO and DHVC to expand its staking pool with a cold wallet launch.

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