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2020/06/06 18:36

A Digital Art Project Might Have an Answer to the Woes of Staking Centralization

Drawing inspiration from Reddit's r/place, AstroCanvas is an experiment in boosting staking participation – without appealing to financial incentives.

2020/06/02 17:00

Bitcoiners Sprint to Improve Lightning Network in 2-Day Virtual Hackathon

Unable to meet in person, developers around the world collaborated by videoconference for a 48-hour stretch to refine Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

2020/04/26 11:00



2020/04/08 15:57

イーサリアム開発企業コンセンシス、「ストップ COVID-19ウイルス・ハッカソン」開催へ

イーサリアム開発企業であるコンセンシスのヘルスケア関連部門コンセンシス・ヘルスは、今年4月13日から5月11日で開催予定の「ストップ COVID-19ウイルス・ハッカソン」の公開を4月7日に発表した。

2019/05/20 00:00

‘Tackling Real World Issues’: Hackers at ETH New York Build Apps Geared Towards Social Change

A New York Blockchain Week ended last Friday we spent time at an ethereum hackathon where developers came together to build blockchain tools with social impact.

2019/01/31 02:00

The Next Big Ethereum Conference Will Run Almost Entirely on Blockchains

Everything from applications to attend ETHDenver to the processes for submitting, judging and voting on projects will be supported in some way through blockchain platforms.

2018/12/20 02:00

CoinList Launches Hackathon Series to Spur Crypto Product Launches

Under its new "CoinList Build" brand, CoinList will be co-organizing hackathons with protocols that are looking to court developers.

2018/08/20 21:59

Bitcoin's Lightning Network Is Getting Its Own Hacker Camp

Chaincode is launching a new "residency" in New York that will focus on helping developers build their own Lightning Network apps

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