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2022/06/30 07:56


29日にブエノスアイレスで開催されたPolkadot Decodedで、ポルカドット(DOT)とクサマの創設者であるギャビン・ウッド氏は、ブロックチェーンの新たなガバナンスモデル「ガバナンス・バージョン2(Gov2)」を発表した。意思決定プロセスを非中央集権的なものにアップグレードする。Gov2では、誰でもいつでも何度でも投票を開始できるようになる。

2022/04/17 06:00

モンテネグロ、イーサリアムの創設者に市民権を供与 | ブロックチェーンハブを目指す計画の一環


2021/08/18 17:25



2021/04/25 21:12

分散型融資大手アーヴェが流動性マイニングプログラム開始へ 新規ユーザー引き付けるか


2021/02/18 02:49

Ethereum’s Favorite Lossless Lottery Will Airdrop Its POOL Token Today

The distribution was designed to reward small depositors on PoolTogether who stayed in a long time.

2021/02/04 07:08

Taproot Update: Bitcoin Users Home In on Activation Plan, Date Still TBD

The meeting ended with rough consensus in favor of BIP8 (false), as well as with approval of two possible methods to put this BIP into motion.

2021/02/03 03:12

Yearn Finance Votes to Inflate YFI Token Supply by 20%

The vote to mint an additional 6,666 YFI in order to fund future development on the Yearn protocol has passed.

2021/01/19 15:23

5億ドル分のガバナンス資金をどうやって使う? 分散型取引所Uniswap創設者がツイッターでアドバイス求める


2020/11/04 06:52

Uniswap’s Retroactive Airdrop Vote Put Free Money on the Campaign Trail

A detailed blow-by-blow of one of the most closely watched governance decisions in the history of DeFi.

2020/11/02 04:56

Uniswap Proposal to Airdrop More UNI Falls Short in Governance Vote

The votes were staggeringly in favor, but a quorum was not reached, and Uniswap’s second-ever governance proposal has been defeated.

2020/10/31 15:18


DappRaderとMonday Capitalが共同で作成した新しいレポートでは、主要な分散型金融(DeFi)プロトコルでみられるトークン配布とガバナンスを分析している。

2020/10/31 04:22

MakerDAO Members Voting on a Safeguard Against BProtocol Flash Loan-Type Attack

The MakerDAO community is voting on a proposal to harden the protocol's governance structure against flash loan voting.

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