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2020/06/11 00:35

This Political Conversation With Vitalik Buterin Shows How Ethereum Could Change the World

Congressional candidate Jonathan Herzog hosted a live YouTube broadcast with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin on Monday, along with author Glen Weyl.

2020/04/23 22:55

How a Crypto Guru Shaped Harvard’s Roadmap for Reopening the US Economy

Glen Weyl, an intellectual firebrand of the Ethereum community, played a key role in crafting a pandemic-fighting blueprint just published by Harvard.

2019/03/26 18:20

Understanding the RadicalxChange Movement And Its Cypherpunk Appeal

CoinDesk looks at the appeal of the RadicalxChange movement and its dream of "reinventing institutions to fix problems" such as inequality.

2019/01/01 01:54

Ethereum’s New Radical: Glen Weyl Isn’t Vitalik But He’s Its Next Best Hope

CoinDesk profiles author Glen Weyl, whose radical ideas are reviving development on the world's third-largest blockchian, ethereum.

2018/09/04 11:00

There's a Problem With Crypto Funding – And Vitalik Just Might Have a Solution

A new paper by Vitalik Buterin and other researchers proposes a novel way to finance the public goods a decentralized ecosystem needs.

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