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2020/10/14 18:33 Unveils Hardware Crypto Wallet With Fingerprint Authorization

The crypto exchange says the device is launching for the China market initially, but will expand to other countries in the next few months.

2019/06/13 07:00

コインベース、欧州6カ国でVisaカード発行へ 加盟店で仮想通貨決済が可能に|仮想通貨ニュース【6月12日】

<6月12日こよりが注目する仮想通貨ニュース> コインベースが発行する仮想通貨VISAカード、欧州6ヵ国追加 米最大手仮想取引所Coinbaseが発行する仮想通貨ビザデビットカード「Coinbase Card」は新たに欧… 投稿 コインベース、欧州6カ国でVisaカード発行へ 加盟店で仮想通貨決済が可能に|仮想通貨ニュース【6月12日】 は CoinMagazine(コインマガジン) に最初に表示されました。

2019/04/17 13:00 Raises $64 Million for Launch of New Exchange Cryptocurrency

Crypto exchange has raised $64 million in seven days for its exchange cryptocurrency that is yet to be launched on a blockchain.

2019/01/14 16:00

Exchange Says 51% Attacker Returned $100K-Worth of Ethereum Classic

Cryptocurrency exchange said Saturday that $100,000 in ethereum classic has been returned following a recent 51-percent attack.

2018/11/07 22:05

Hackers Breach Popular Web Analytics Site to Target Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange was apparently the target of hackers who compromised a widely used web analytics platform.

2018/09/19 03:40

New York AG Report Faults Crypto Exchanges for Manipulation Risks

The NY Attorney General's Office stated that many crypto exchanges cannot monitor abusive trading activity, and referred 3 for potential violations.

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