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2021/02/03 01:21

One Big Pool: Balancer’s New Version Cuts Down Transactions and Gas Fees

Version 2 of the DeFi site also has an "asset manager" where idle funds earn yield.

2021/01/06 13:49



2020/10/14 23:42

High Gas Fees Prevent Ethereum From Being Ethereum

Miners are incentivized to keep Ethereum gas fees high, and in doing so limit one of the network's principal use cases.

2020/09/03 03:40

Around the Crypto World in 15 Charts: CoinDesk Research’s August Review

In 15 charts, the CoinDesk Monthly Review for August details BTC's performance, its relationship to fiat currencies and Ethereum’s growing congestion problem.

2020/08/25 05:24

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits $11.8K; Ethereum Gas at All-Time High

Many bitcoin stakeholders expect a weak market this week to cap August while DeFi continues to stretch Ethereum’s network.

2020/06/17 03:05

Ethereum Logged Its Busiest Week on Record

It’s costing more to use Ethereum and that may be because more users are flocking to the platform than ever before, according to one key on-chain metric.

2020/06/04 05:06

Nonprofit Energy Consortium Trials Blockchain Management for Wastewater Tracking

A U.S. oil and gas consortium says a blockchain-based automated platform tracking wastewater reduced transportation costs.

2019/04/05 22:30

Russian Gas Giant Gazprom to Execute Business Contracts on a Blockchain

Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom may soon begin using blockchain to execute and monitor contracts as part of its digitization plans.

2019/03/09 03:30

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Proposes Wallet Fee to Fund Developers

The creator of the world's second largest blockchain proposed today on Twitter a new norm for the ecosystem – a flat wallet fee of 1 gwei.

2018/07/06 17:00

Ethereum's Growing Gas Crisis (And What's Being Done to Stop It)

The ethereum network is seeing new levels of congestion with rising use, a development that is spurring proposals for technical improvements.

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