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2018/08/18 19:00

Non-Believable Tokens: The 7 Strangest Crypto Collectibles Explained

It started with CryptoKitties, but it keeps getting weirder. CoinDesk takes you on a wild ride through the world of non-fungible tokens.

2018/07/09 13:00

Filings Link Crypto Exchange Bitstamp to Game Maker Nexon

Public filings released in late May establish the strongest link yet between Bitstamp and Korean gaming firm Nexon.

2018/06/17 19:00

How to Explain Crypto Collectibles to Your Banker

When Wells Fargo thinks your video game company is a money services business, it's time to start educating people in other fields about blockchain.

2018/05/27 19:50

ZombieChain Comes Alive: Can Ethereum Sidechains Save the Dapps?

Loom Network, which came up with the idea of dedicated "dappchains" for scalable decentralized apps, is embracing sharing.

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