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2019/03/16 01:05

Bittrex Exchange Nixes RAID Token Sale at 11th Hour

Bittrex has canceled a $6 million "initial exchange offering" by a crypto project called RAID hours before launch.

2019/03/13 03:50

Ripple’s Xpring Helps Launch $100 Million Fund for Game Developers

Xpring, Ripple's grant network for developers, has partnered with gaming startup Forte to create a $100 million fund to support game devs.

2019/03/05 02:00

Bitcoin Betting Game Hxro to Add Thousands of Waitlisted Users

In beta since January, bitcoin betting game Hxro is adding thousands of waitlisted users today.

2019/02/26 01:00

NFTs Are Here. But Where Are They Headed?

The best business model for crypto collectibles is currently unclear, but some compelling ideas arose at a New York event last week.

2018/12/31 06:45

Blockchain Gaming: Separating Signal from the Noise

Games frequently serve as an experimental playground for new technology, writes Devin Finzer.

2018/12/14 04:00

Gaming PC Maker Razer Offers Store Credit in Return for Crypto Mining

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has launched an app that rewards users for mining, but not with crypto or cash.

2018/11/16 23:00

Bitcoin Puzzle Artist’s Blockchain Gaming Startup Valued at $13 Million

One of the bitcoin community’s best-known artists is gearing up to launch a blockchain-powered video game with investor backing.

2018/11/16 01:23

Coinbase-Backed ‘Gods Unchained’ Releases Gameplay Trailer

The makers of the ethereum-based fantasy card game released a new video, giving players a feel for what to expect.

2018/10/05 22:30

Fake Cheat for Popular Game Fortnite Hides Bitcoin-Targeting Malware

A supposed cheat for the massively popular video game Fortnite turns out to be malware designed to steal bitcoin wallet login details.

2018/10/03 19:00

Ubisoft Backs New Blockchain Group to Spur Adoption in Gaming

Gaming giant Ubisoft has become an inaugural member of the new Blockchain Game Alliance, which aims to develop common standards for the technology.

2018/09/13 14:57


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2018/08/22 21:00

A Crypto Card Game Is Testing Magic's Records – And It Hasn't Even Launched

An ethereum-based trading card recently flirted with Magic: the Gathering's record, selling for $60,000 at auction.

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