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2020/08/03 19:20

Charlie Lee, Adam Back Lead $3.1M Private Raise for Blockchain Game ‘Infinite Fleet’

A game developed by Samson Mow's Pixelmatic has completed a $3.1 million private SAFT sale of tokens.

2020/05/20 14:08



2020/04/22 10:48



2020/04/04 02:38

Blockchain Gaming, Messaging Apps See User Growth Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns

Coronavirus lockdowns have led to a relative surge in a small corner of the cryptocurrency space: its more casual and entertaining end.

2020/03/31 19:00

‘MLB Champions’ Downplays ETH, Aims for Mass Market in New Game Reboot

Blockchain game MLB Champions is rolling out a slew of new gameplay features while reducing its reliance on Ethereum.

2020/02/04 01:00

Minecraft Players Can Win Bitcoin on New Treasure Hunt Server

A new Minecraft server allows players in the blocky universe to compete against one another to find hidden treasure and receive a bitcoin reward.

2020/01/04 06:30

Compared to Gaming and Gambling Dapps, DeFi Is Still Behind

A closer look at the data shows that decentralized applications are struggling to gain traction, and DeFi is not the main use case.

2019/12/05 19:00

ChromaWay Doubles Down on Gaming With Antler Interactive Acquistion

ChromaWay will add Antler's game catalog to its own Chromia blockchain with the acquisition.

2019/11/24 10:00

「アサシン クリード」のユービーアイソフト、仮想通貨EOSフォーク基盤のゲーム配信ストア開発を支援【ニュース】

3Dアクションゲーム「アサシン クリード」シリーズを手がけるユービーアイソフトが、仮想通貨イオス(EOS)からフォークした「UOS」ブロックチェーンの開発企業と協力するという。

2019/11/08 17:47



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